Why Opt for a Safe Deposit Box from Falcon Safe

With an experience of 32 years in the field of safe deposit boxes and safety solutions for cash, precious metals and other valuable assets, Falcon Safe is known as one of the most reputable companies of its kind in Malaysia. The company has several notable subsidiaries, and its area of expertise has grown to be very diverse over the years. Nowadays, the company specializes mainly in cabinet usage and safe deposit boxes for commercial, residential ad industrial use. These safe deposit boxes are made and sold by Falcon Safe. They are now widely found in corporate buildings, residential homes, banks and other financial institutions all across Malaysia and the neighboring countries.

The mission of Falcon Safe is a simple yet efficient one: to provide its clients with efficient, hassle-free and powerful cash keeping solutions with reliable safe deposit boxes. When you work hard for your money, it is perfectly normal to ask for a tough and secure safe deposit box – be it for storing your cash, your valuable items or your documents.

The deposit boxes sold by Falcon Safe encompass the latest technologies in the field, and they also feature advanced safety and security elements and features that will give owners the peace of mind they seek.

Falcon Safe is known to provide some of the best and most secure safe deposit boxes in the entire country. No matter if you are looking for one to match your residence or your office, these deposit boxes are especially designed to meet all your safety expectations. Very user friendly, comprehensive and easy to use, the Falcon deposit boxes are a simple solution that you can operate quickly and effortlessly.

Additional Features That You Can Add To the Deposit Boxes

As mentioned above, the Falcon Safe deposit boxes are built to be tough and durable in the long run. The strong room doors can be reinforced with additional safety features as well, as you can easily an alarm security system for extra protection. Besides this, the security doors are also available in a sleek and elegant stainless steel finish that will surely match the decor of your office, bank or other high-end financial institution. You can now rest assured, knowing that all your cash, precious metals or valuable jewelries are safe and sound, and will stay that way for years to come.

When it comes to protecting your valuable assets, there is absolutely no room for risk or compromise. Falcon Safe knows that, this is why it provides a wide range of top-notch security boxes. You can opt for the models with 36 lockers if you have many valuable assets to protect, or you can opt for safe deposit boxes with different sizes and layouts. The weight of the deposit box is usually directly proportional to the number of lockers, and the boxes can be easily customized and tailored to meet your needs and requirements in terms of aspect and size.