How to Choose the Right Safe Box for Home or the Office

Whether you have a large amount of cash, expensive jewelries, or precious memorabilia stored at home, you want a place that will keep these things safe. This is the reason why safe boxes are great choices not just for banks, business establishments, but for homes as well. If you are shopping for a safe box for the first time, here are a few factors to consider.

How to Choose a Safe Box

The safe deposit lockers are built with the highest quality materials and are manufactured to perfection to ensure a lasting, highly secure safety box. The ones that Falcon Safe Marketing supplies, come with Greenleaf 4545 or Sargent Series locks, which ensure their quality and durability.

(1). Purpose and Function
This is the first thing you want to consider when choosing a safe box. Safe boxes are designed according to purpose, whether it is for theft protection or protection from fires or floods, as well as according to the items you plan on storing there. You can choose among pistol safes, gun safes, wall safes which can store anything from money to hundred year old manuscripts, media safe boxes and in-room safes rated for fires or burglaries. Your needs may vary so you will want to get a safe box designed to serve the specific purpose you have in mind. If you want a safe that protects valuables from fire, you need to buy one that is specifically treated to withstand fires for a couple of hours. There are different ratings for safe boxes depending on how long they can keep their contents protected when a fire is going on. You will also need to look at burglary and water resistance ratings if you want items to be protected from these situations as well.

(2). Size 
The size of the safe box will be determined by the size of the contents you have to store. Small documents, film strips, pieces of jewelry will not require large boxes although the size will also depend on how large a collection of valuables you have.

(3). Location 
You also have to consider where to place the safe box. The best place would be where it is easily accessible to you. Placing the safe in the bedroom, however, is not advised by security experts because the bedroom is often the first stop for burglars when they enter a home. Keeping a safe in the basement may protect it from fires especially if your basement is mostly occupied by empty spaces. Choose a location that is not too conspicuous but easily accessible to you. Placing a safe in an accessible location also makes you more likely to use it on a regular basis.

(4). Preferred Locking Mechanism 
Your local dealer may explain different locking mechanisms so you can choose which one is best for you. You can choose between manual or electronic mechanisms or both. If you have to choose one, opt for a combination locked safe over a key locked safe, since the keys for the latter tend to get misplaced during emergencies, speaking from experience.


If you have valuables in the home or at the office, a safety box is the only thing standing between safety and destruction when burglaries, floods, fires and other calamities arise. Choose your safe box wisely to ensure total protection for the items that are dear and valuable to you, your family or your business.